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[hidden email]: Nov 14 06:07AM -0800

Hi all,
On Friday, September 29, 2017 at 2:56:36 PM UTC+2, Lukas Eder wrote:
> create your own general-purpose Binding and use that for every dynamically
> created column expression (you'd have to know these columns in advance,
> though).
(sorry for the late reply)
While it might be unwise for JOOQ to do so, I found that in our specific
setting, we only use tinyint as a boolean. Therefore I added it to our
<!-- Associate data type rewrites with database columns -->
This works for us, might be useful for others so I thought I'd mention it
Pavel Finkelshtein <[hidden email]>: Nov 14 05:38AM -0800

Continuing theme started
in https://twitter.com/asm0di0/status/929752657878798336 about JSONB
JSONB in postgres supports several operators, which can be found here
Couple example of how we work with it in in JOOQ:
return ctx
sum(field("(short_deal_json -> 'contractInfo' ->>
'price')::NUMERIC", BigDecimal::class.java))
- sum(field("(short_deal_json ->> 'deposit')::NUMERIC",
And even
if (patronymic == null) {
DSL.field("request_json #>> '{buyer,person,patronymic}'").
} else {
.and(DSL.field("request_json #>> '{contractInfo,cadastralNum}'",
if (contractNumber == null) {
DSL.field("request_json #>> '{contractInfo,contractNumber}'"
} else {
I think it would make sense to implement some type of sub-dsl for work with
JSON values, like GSON's one: asJsonObjetc, asJsonArray and so on.
Regarding 3rd point of my tweet, JSON introspection. I think that it may be
possible to convert JSON to Records, by using this
<http://www.jsonschema2pojo.org/> project. Of course, generated source will
need some corrections, according to Record semantics, but it will give
developers ability to work with json fields almost like with related
tables. Moreover, it will be possible to make updates to sub-entities and
then update whole entity without performing ultra-complex queries!
Lukas Eder <[hidden email]>: Nov 14 01:20PM +0100

Hi Niclas,
Thanks for your message. Yes you're right, that's a bug:
But the fix isn't very easy, unfortunately. MySQL needs a VARCHAR length,
but the total length of a row is 64kb:
So, what length should jOOQ choose by default? 256 bytes? We'll have to
pick something, but this will need a bit more thought. But clearly, "char"
is incorrect.
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