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[hidden email]: Oct 18 03:22PM -0700

I am updating a bunch of records in the DB like this:
// fetch a bunch of records
records = ...
for (Record r : records) {
// update logic
I hoped the UPDATE statement would be issued only if the record is
modified. However, it is issued every time a record is touched.
read: https://blog.jooq.org/2017/06/28/orms-should-update-changed-values-not-just-modified-ones/
and that was pretty helpful to explain the difference.
Is it possible to get modified semantics with JOOQ? I could fix my code to
replace every setXYZ with if ... setXYZ but it will generate too much
Would doing something like:
if (!r.original.equals(r)) {
at the end work in general case?
Lukas Eder <[hidden email]>: Oct 19 11:49AM +0200

Thank you very much for your suggestion and for digging up that blog post.
I'm glad I wrote it :)
I'm really reluctant to add this functionality out of the box for the
reasons mentioned in the post, even as a configurable opt-in option.
UpdatableRecord is already governed by many options, each of which
contributing to more complexity.
What looks really simple in the context of a store() call needs to be
viewed in a more global context, e.g. when passing a Record to an Update
statement through set(Record), and in many other parts of the API. In fact,
you're not really looking for a change of store() behaviour, but for a
change of changed() behaviour.
However, I think it should be easy for you to work around this issue by
implementing a RecordListener, that would reset "unmodified" fields prior
to calling store().
I hope this helps,
[hidden email]: Oct 18 03:45PM -0700

Super small request
Can you please add *isFetched()* convenience method to a Record? Currently
this field is private and cannot be read
Thanks for the great work!
On Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 5:16:44 AM UTC-7, Lukas Eder wrote:
Lukas Eder <[hidden email]>: Oct 19 09:29AM +0200

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We could certainly add such a method, but
would you mind explaining your use-case first?
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