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"Тимур Шайдуллин" <[hidden email]>: Nov 24 10:33AM -0800

I suppose you have been encountered a problem testing a multiple database
dialects and versions. Could you help me to find a way to do it?
Thank you!
Lukas Eder <[hidden email]>: Nov 24 08:36PM +0100

Hi Timur,
Thank you very much for your message.
We run thousands of integration test queries against our 21 different
supported databases. These tests are run in an automated manner for most
databases (namely those that can be virtualized in VMWare or docker), or
manually for the others. The idea is that a jOOQ query like the following...
assertEquals(1, (int) ctx.selectOne().fetchOneInto(int.class));
Should always yield the exact same result on all databases.
There are also unit tests for things like the DefaultRecordMapper, which do
not depend directly on the underlying database, but since you're currently
looking into contributing support for the GRANT and REVOKE statements [1],
I'm assuming that unit tests will be less interesting to you than
integration tests.
A good integration test would be setting up 2 database users and an object
(e.g. a table) where the owner of the object can then grant access to the
other user. There will need to be 2 JDBC connections, one for each user, to
validate that user 2 can access the object only after the relevant GRANT
has been issued, and that user 2 can no longer access the object once the
As our integration tests are not open source, we would not expect your
tests to be very complete. Ideally, a contribution as complex as support
for the GRANT statement would simply work on 1-2 databases by your manual
testing, and we would take it from there.
I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, please let me know
and I'll be very happy to assist you.
[1]: https://github.com/jOOQ/jOOQ/issues/6812
Timur Shaidullin <[hidden email]>: Nov 24 12:10PM -0800

Thank you very much. Your answer is suitable to me.
пятница, 24 ноября 2017 г., 21:33:32 UTC+3 пользователь Timur Shaidullin
[hidden email]: Nov 23 06:15PM -0800

Thanks for looking at this Lukas, I quite agree. In fact we have now
switched from NUMERIC to storing cents in an INTEGER...
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